Innocence Falls

When we are children, we like to believe in the Snow Whites & Sleeping Beauties of the world. We like to believe that like Cinderella, we have a Fairy Godmother who will come down and sweep us away in our darkest hour. When we get older we turn to fairy-tale movies for hope that we can be popular. But soon, that too fades.

Some people however, have a light about them, and they capture my attention. They are so happy with what they have. Hope is still a familiar word.

How do I obtain that light? How can I capture it? How can I obtain… hope?

I smile sadly when I see these people. Reality is an illusion to them. It is only the days before their prince rides up on his white horse to sweep them off their feet and into his castle.

That’s what I saw in Her. That’s why through our turbulent friendship, I admired Her. She looked up to me as the strong, proud warrior I set out to be, and she remained in that innocent child-like state.

When I’m by myself, reality is a harsh truth, but when I’m with her it is only a shadow that creeps into my vision in seconds before sleep overtakes me.

I used to feel that hope whenever She was around. She’s gone now. I lost Her some time ago. My new friends don’t have that glow, and neither do I. I see a spark here or there. A moment, when just for a split second I allow myself to believe in the wonders that the eyes never see.

Sometimes I start to wonder if Her happiness was merely a grand façade, but then again, I try not to think about that. I want to remember Her just the way She was.

She’s one illusion, I’d like to keep.

By CryingRain1

I'm always confused and I cry when I can't take it anymore. Maybe it's a bit babyish, but I don't care. Sometimes the tears flow and I just can't make them stop.