It started innocently enough…at least I suppose you could say that. We all felt so bad, so rebellious, for drinking in the dorm room.

It was really Diane’s idea; she was twenty-one, and the one who bought us all the alcohol. Kerri, Robin, and I just drank it. The night started out with cups of wine, red and rich, almost the color of blood. Diane started giggling at one point and asked if we could do body shots…and she asked me to take one off her first. “I love being licked,” she giggled, lying back as my tongue traced the curve of her hip. I salted the licked spot, licked it again, took the shot, and leaned over to retrieve the lemon from her mouth. My lips brushed hers softly, tingling at the touch. Sitting back, I tried to collect myself, still breathless from that second of contact. Her eyes met mine for a moment, then she sat up and brushed her hip off, asking who wanted the next one. Kerri laid down and Diane drew the body part out of a hat. Unrolling the slip of paper, she read out “Breast.” Kerri slowly took off her bra and Diane leaned over, gathering Kerri’s light pink nipple into her mouth, wetting it gently with her tongue. Kerri shifted and reached for my hand, pulling me toward her. I was uncertain, a little nervous…i may have been bi, but I still wasn’t completely comfortable around these girls. Robin sat down behind Diane, cupping her body around Diane’s. She slowly pulled up Diane’s shirt, exposing her sports bra and running one hand into Diane’s bra. I tugged at Kerri’s hand, trying to pull away gently…and Diane reached out and pulled my head to hers slowly. She brushed her lips over mine, feeling like rubbed velvet against my mouth. Licking my lips softly, she pulled me up against her, breasts pressing to breasts and arms around my back. We knelt over Kerri, Robin sliding her hands over both of us. I felt Kerri tugging my zipper down and unbuttoning my pants, sliding her hand in. She tangled her fingers gently in the curls of hair over my crotch, sliding one finger between my outer lips and fingering my clit gently. My hips thrust forward involuntarily, grinding Kerri’s hand between my crotch and Diane’s, prompting Diane to gasp. Robin was busy undoing Diane’s pants, putting both hands down them…and Diane’s and my kiss went on over it all, as the tension in the room poured over us all and the girls’ fingers kept working Diane and me closer to orgasm.
***to be continued***

By the witch

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