Insanity: a poem

A little voice whispered to me
“Stray a little and come see
what wonders i can show you
but only if you shall choose”

i looked about and tried to see
that clever voice that spoke to me
but to fin dhim i did not
a little nervouse i had got

i started walking down the lane
i heard the voice speak again
repeating words, inside my head
my heart grew heavy, deep with dread

“come and see” it would say
all through the night and through the day
the more i begged for it to stop
the more i gave up and lost hope

the voice ahd started to go bad
i started slowly to go mad
it started talking evil things
of which only the devil sings

i clawed at my face to try to rid
myself of it. i even hid
where no one else could ever find
as i lost all my mind

it told me i was to die
trembling i looked to the sky
“why?” i screamed, with my arms spread
“why are you inside my head?”

i lie shivering on the ground
crying tears without a sound
waiting silent for my Death
have i any sanity left?

I felt myself slipping away
my last breath, my dying day
suddenly my mind went clear
my soul is no longer here

i soar up into the clouds
as i wonder in awe and wow
i rise just above the trees
i know now im finally free

By thejustine

i hate things. im... messed.