My world,
It’s own painful reality.
My soul,
Stricken with sorrow.
My hope,
Dissipating into regret.
My heart,
Shallow and worthless.
My eyes,
Tear stained and blind.
My reality,
So cold it burns,
Sickening and regretful.
I’m trapped in this morbid place,
This hole inside,
Flooding with crimson water.
The water that once saved me,
Nourished my body.
The water that is now forcing me down,
Drowning in the pain of my reality.
I can not breathe
The suffering is too powerful.
As I give into the demons,
The demons that haunt me.
Demons that make the reality of the world so gruesome,
So hateful.
These demons that hide within me,
Taunting, screaming, crying.
I have no escape
No where to hide from the reality inside.

By AshesFadeToDust

I'm too lazy to bother with this...