Inside His Mind

The innocence draws me near. That sweet look in her gentle blue eyes. Somehow she is untouched by the horrible world we live in. She’s never seen pain, never felt a hand in anger. Her light blonde hair falls gently over her tender shoulders. It’s a shame to think that such innocence won’t last her much longer. How long can one live in this world and not be corrupted by those near?

I watch her as she walks home. She’s so beautiful. She’s like an angel without wings. Her smile is so warm and beautiful. She could make you melt when she pouts those tiny lips. You can tell when she’s upset because her eyes grow dark. She juts her lower lip out until you give in and say yes. No one could ever tell her, “No.”

She gives me a kiss and her lips are like velvet. When she wraps her arms around me, she is so warm and kind. No words could describe her beauty. I can’t resist, I’ll have her tonight. She loves me so much; I know she won’t resist me. She’d never tell her daddy, “No.”

Author’s Note: it’s short, but it got the point across. i don’t really know what exactly inspired this piece. it was originally titled, sick fuck, but i felt it gave the story away. i guess what i wanted to do, was guesstamate what was going on inside the mind of a pedophile. i don’t know any, or i would have asked them. i wanted the reader to inside the mind of someone other than themselves. someone they (i hope) would never want to be. i guessed that in their sick twisted perverted minds they think like we do. only instead of seeking people to love, they seek to destroy. they seek to rip innocence away from the most precious people on the earth.

i’m sure i’m probably going to get a few people who think i crossed the line with this one. if i offend anyone, it was not meant, it came to my head i wrote it down, and that was it. it’s one angle i have never written from. i’ve done the loner, the serial killer, the suicidal kid, the lost ones, almost any point of view i can think of, but…