Inside My Head

In my own little world the sky is black and the land is dry. The only thing lingering about the inferno above is a raven with eyes as red as fire itself, consuming it deeper and deeper into darkness… into extinction. Enter my unholy abyss and die trying to escape. Search as far as you like, though, be warned, that death is lurking behind every corner, waiting for you to step closer into hell. Pain and torment, lust and passion, torture and death: All of these things make a perfect cicle of life inside my head. Now they want to get out… tempting me, their one and only creator, into darkness. Life is wonderful, many say…

I say speak for yourself little maggots. Life is a pain in the ass.

By SerenitySerpent

I'm 14 years old and I enjoy gothic stuff (obviously); snow sports, horsebackriding, water sports, and am interested in marine life.