Inside of oblivion

It was silent. Perhaps chose to be. Which drifted into several strings of thought. It expanded, condensed and removed itself from our plane of existence. Fell forward in its state of airless flight, screaming. Screaming my name out of oblivion into this fragile world. It wanted me to come to it. To find a way to leave here and join it in the stasis of purgatory. It, I believed, was female with the most beautiful silken wings. Black feathers shimmering like satin. Those deep green eyes drew me in. Though I was not there yet, I could see her clearly. Beckoning me with an outstretched hand. In my mind she banished all other thoughts except her. She wanted me. . .she needed me. . .she begged to consume me. A hatred of life flowed through her cold blue veins. A love of sedation crept at the corners of her eyes. Dark halos. This junkie angel calling my name. Sweet serenity. Eternal bliss. Internal torment. As all came to bear in this moment of chaos. Where nothing existed except her. This one cry that reaches my ears still and forever calls my name.

By CheshireGriffinx

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