Into the world of Midian(part 2)

2:Violent Creation:2
[Part two for those of you who showed interest in the first part, trust me this part eclipses the first but read the first before you read this one…if your gonna read it…….Enjoy]

I came to on the floor of a tiny room, my whole body ached. It was dark in here, the only light was a small night light trying its absolute best to light the dingy brown walls and stained concrete floor.

My bag had been raided (but nothing had been taken), though my guitar had not even been touched. The room i was in was claustrophobically small and badly lit, the floor was cold steel, rusted and rotten. I lay still for a few seconds while my eyes adjusted to the dark, i was dazed, light headed and nauseous. In the dark, in this room, something was scratching the walls and floor, like nails on a blackboard. I covered my ears, but it grew worse so i hurriedly snatched my belongings from the floor and glanced round for a door……..but i couldn’t find one. Then the scratching stopped and the dim light grew brighter, bright enough to see well in. The room was an odd shape….very odd….like a coffin. A pain in my head grew worse until i could bare it no longer and i fell to the floor clutching my head. The pain stopped and i noticed a mirror at the back of the room, but what it reflected was very different to what i could see. The mirror showed me in a room with a balcony looking out onto a forest covered in snow. There appeared to be strange markings on my face in my reflection, it touched my face and where the markings were the flesh was as cold as ice. I turned around and i was in the room the mirror showed, but the mirror was showing the coffin room with no-one in it. I stood up and walked over to the balcony, gathering my possesions once more. I felt like i was trying not to wake someone up, probably a normal reaction to being in a bedroom that wasn’t mine. I put my guitar on my back, threw my bag over the balcony and followed it, doing my best to land on my feet (instead of my feet or my guitar).The problem is that i passed through the ground like it was air and i was still falling “FaLLiNG iNTo THe MouTH oF THe BeaST” faster and faster…….I could hear music far away i recognised it, im not saying what the music was because if someone else was going through this they would have heard different music. With a loud splash, i finally hit what appeared to be water. Something was rubbing against both my legs and feet, i peered down to try and see what it was but it swam away . In the distance, getting closer all the time was a hooded figure standing on a boat with a burning lantern on the front. He guided the boat towards me and pulled me on board as well as fishing out my stuff (which strangely wasn’t wet, neither was i????).”Do you know where you are?” he said
“Not a clue”
“You are a mortal in a place much unmeant for mortal eyes”
“Where am i then?”
“Neither Heaven nor Hell”
“Who are you?”
“What does it matter? We’ll meet again later and you will know exactly who i am and why we met again.”
“Why are you here?”
“Why are You here?”
“How the hell should i know?”
“Ill take you to the citadel but no further, there you will find your way and much else.”

By downwardspiral

Birth,life....awaiting death