I feel I owe it to my fellow Horror peeps, at least those who, like myself, have a softness in their coronary organs for shlocky old Horror and Sci-Fi movies—and honestly, if you don’t, your way of thinking is so alien to me we probably couldn’t carry on a detailed conversation, anyway—on the far-off chance that they may not be familiar with Mr. Larry Blamire, to introduce them to this brilliant dude. If you don’t recognize his name, perhaps you will recognize the titles of some of his greatest productions: THE LOST SKELETON OF CADAVRA (2001), THE LOST SKELETON RETURNS AGAIN (2009), TRAIL OF THE SCREAMING FOREHEAD (2007), and DARK AND STORMY NIGHT (2009), among others. (Including the lost “silent” version of LOST SKELETON, available at the link below.) Blamire writes, directs, produces, scores, provides artwork—hell, the guy pretty much does everything—all his films, and is also an accomplished painter and playwright.

In case the titles didn’t tip you off, Mr. Blamire’s works, the majority of them, are parodies. The man has elevated sarcasm to the level of a super power. Watching, say, LOST SKELETON, the viewers, if they didn’t know any better, would swear they were viewing a film created in the 1950s, possibly by Mr. Ed Wood, with the prerequisite wooden acting, cheesy dialogue and bargain basement special effects. What they are really watching is a loving homage to those kinds of films, and a celebration of their zany “shortcomings.” But if they’re done on purpose, they aren’t shortcomings at all, but selling points, right? Bottom line is, Blamire’s movies are just plain fun. If you’ve never seen them, treat yourself. “I sleep now!”

source: www.youtube.com