iron ledge

into the yard i still walk slowly… between the graves i might find the bullets. in the eyes, in the middle of your foreheads, thoughts will be stolen from thee. tonite is going be late, the shine is rising by now, everything new, everything lightly.

then he comes, the master of disdain, dead and faded he will live just to take back, comes after his soul spending hours at the mirror but not a thing has changed since he recalls until he cries out his wounds. running over the weed ain’t helpful, the sun is gone, now it is all dark at his grounds, here he is, trying to stand still, not make a sound so they can’t know he is by their side, staring, waiting for the right time to hunt their wooden minds and about their senses, they are not capable to feel ever something, they are busy on taking advantage over others, that is why they cannot tell about him, they don’t even know about his existence, they would not give a fuck for it and this is why he moves so smoothly, because then you ain’t gonna notice his presence while he keeps raping off your life. faith is useless by now, nothing can be done until he dries them out, and when its time comes, fait will be their only way to stay up from the rest, may it be. hate makes hard for he to listen at their begs, he won’t forget as they did, pain is not to ease, it comes after a long time of suffer, so they have heard but now it comes his well thought revenge, slow and mundane… he fucks them jus the way the deserve to be fucked, just like they taint people’s body by licking with no remorse, poisoning every cell without consent, they don’t even feel it anymore, used to be punished for nothing, just for being there, is the easiest way to get even. now it comes grounding for their evil heads, they should be cut off so they cannot keep on watching but still remember their sins. the freak show must go on but this time, you are the main event, smelling your brains out, drain your very bloody veins just for fun, to entertain the audience with their guts. been killed by own conscious so he finally get a smile. so be it

By Freaker Girl

i wish i die young so i dont have to stand this shit for long time