Ironic Adultry

The rain slid down lost tendrils of glossy, black hair. It outpoured from the heavens like tears of rage. Tears made by Hell and caused by heartache. Alex saw her curvacious sillohette rocking behind the bedroom curtains’ skim.

The rain slid down lost tendrils of glossy, black hair. It outpoured from the heavens like tears of rage. Tears made by Hell and caused by heartache. Alex saw her curvacious sillohette rocking behind the bedroom curtains’ skim. “How the hell could she do this!?”, he thought. His best friend’s hands gripped her tiny waist and moved her along his body. Alex growled under his breath, and walked through the rivers of streaming rain to his apartment door. He quietly unlocked the door to his apartment, and inched the door open. Cody wagged his tail over to Alex, panting happily as his owner scratched the dog behind his ears. Alex could hear the resonance of soft, pleasure-filled moans seeping from his bedroom. Her once lush voice was now defeaning to his ears as she called the other man’s name, “Oh God, Kris…Kris!” Alex’s best friend, Kris, was touching Alex’s possesion. Malorie was his and his alone. She had promised him that much! But now she lies on a bed of betrayl, sliding another man’s body in and out of her own. Alex had to gather all of his energy to keep from bellowing in anguish, as he heard them starting to reach their climax. Dangerously elegant, he glided to his bedroom door and gently tapped it; waiting patiently as it exposed a vicinity of sodom. Her wine-red hair cascaded down her diminutive back, and her supple breasts bounced lightly as Kris thrusted into her from beneath her. The brass bed creaked under their weight, and the black, satin sheets were, now, stained with the scum of lust. A floor board squealed below one of Alex’s shiney, black boots, and the sinful copulation was halted. A petrified gasp escaped Malorie’s pouty, pale-pink lips, and plasted on Alex’s face was a sardonic grin. His ominous blue eyes flashed at the waste of human flesh that scampered to cover themselves with the raven dyed sheets. “Alex, I can explain, man. She came on to me!” Kris yelped in defense. Malorie grunted and pushed away from Kris. “Alex…” His name trickled off her dainty tongue, and he smiled at her beauty. Too bad the world would loose such a precious gem, whose virginity was, now, in the Devil’s grasp. One lonely crystal raced down Alex’s cold, pale cheek, before advancing on Kris with an extensive, sharp cabob stick. The metallic weapon gleamed yellow from the multiple light from the candles, and the light suddenly drowned in a pool of human guts. Spilling out his best friend’s genuine elixir of life, Alex chuckled. Malorie’s blood-curdling scream vibrated in his ears with profound pleasure. Alex was shuddering with exultation, as he pushed his whimpering beauty underneath him. Alex ran his hands down her honey-hued skin, smearing the blood of her lover on her unblemished, bare flesh. Alex grabbed one of her delicate arms and turned it so that the fragile, pale skin of her forearm was exposed. The dull, pointy top of the cabob stick pierced through every layer of sensitive skin with torturously slow lazyness. Then, as the stick squeezed deeper into her arm meat, she began to shriek louder and louder. Alex shivered again with a perverse satisfaction and drew out the stick. Smiling sadly at his petite, little jewel, he bent down to brush his pink-bronzed lips again her full ones. Reluctantly, Malorie began to allow her tongue to dance with his. Alex, ever so lightly, pried his mouth from hers. ” I love–“, Malorie gaged on the strangle of death as Alex drove the cabob stick, fiercely, into her chest. Alex giggled wickedly and gave the cabob stick another shove with a grunt, to make sure that her heart was hurting just as much as his was. Blood spilled from the fragile curves of her lips. Her jaw moved convulsively up and down, like a fish out of water. The crimson slush slid seductively down her naked, sex-filled body. The warm liquid caressed her breasts and curves in streams, until it flowed into a puddle by her feminine core; mingling with another man’s sickening fluids. Alex stared down at the twisted work of art. A sea of tears stinging his eyes trailed down his angular face with a mixture of rage, pain, and loss. His lean, muscular body shoke visibly from the cuts scarring his black heart. Alex gave in to the temptation, and hugged his beautifully dead Venus to his chest. He let out his cries of harmonious elegy, and laid his broken posession back down on the malevolently stained bed. With the stench of stygian evil and cruel death in the air, Alex wiped his bloodied hands on his navy, suede jacket. Cody, his trustful Black Lab, trotted in quietly and snuggled his muzzle into Alex’s thigh. Alex gave his loyal pal a melancholy smirk and scratched his fingers through the luxiourious, black fur. Leaving everything in its place, Alex changed coats to a black vinyl trench coat, and washed his hands of the blood he had shed. Cody wagged his skinny tail excitedly, as Alex hooked a blue leash to the dog’s collar. The apartment door shut with a whisper behind the fully black-clothed pair, and they strode out into the sobs of the night; disappearing into the mourning darkness of the stars. Arriving at a personally built mansion, Alex strided to the mansions gates and punched in the code to unlock his home’s gate. Alex’s shiney, black boots clattered on the dark grey, marble driveway and approached the coal-colored, castle-modeled residence. Unlocking the door quietly with another quick pressing of buttons, he unleashed the dog, Cody, and hung his vinyl, trench coat by the intimidating, double doors. “Alex? Is that you?” A breathy, woman’s voice called from the deep-green, decorated parlor, where only the fire from the large hearth lit the room. A lith, young lady, with flaxen hair, glided over to him and hugged and kissed him gingerly. “It is our honey moon night and you still insisted on walking that dog. My sweet, are you daft or mad? You could have caught a deathly cold just because of the love you have for this beast.” The innocently radiant lady smiled at him sweetly, but when Alex smiled back his perfectly straight, white teeth gleamed with menace. The fire in the hearth’s light spotlighting two, sharply pointed insicors. The peached skined lady closed her eyes and opened them again to Alex’s hands sneaking around her waist and pulling her slender body against his chisled chest. Alex purred, “Mmm wife of mine, have I told you I loved you today?”