Irritating people these days

I cant see why people try so hard to be something for the sake of being cool. I may wear color and be a fun person, but I can still be a goth, just because I dont have access to old victorian dresses dosent make me less gothic than anyone.

I know this one girl, who is crazy over Disturbed, and apparently, she thinks theyre gothic. Now this is a seriously irritating child, her life concists of trying to fit in as much as possible and to look cool…trendoid. She once asked me what a goth is, those of you asked that question, most probably had trouble answering, like me, because you cant explain simply, its not something that is easy to put into words, I could be wrong, but for me, its like that.
Now I am getting really irritated, not becasue she is trying to be like me, I dont OWN the idea, but she is just so wrong, to her anything wearing black is potentially gothic, and shes taken this obsession to pentagrams, since I practice wicca, she thinks all goths are like me and calls the pentagram the *goth sign*. I try tell her how wrong she is in thinking its all clothes and looking as depressed as possible, but she is too shallow to get it into her head. If you ask me, half of the goths these days only turn gothic to look cool, and are probably shallow people who have nothing better to do than to pretend.