Is Hellboy a Virgin?

To answer that question we must clarify which Hellboy we are talking about. David Harbour’s Hellboy apparently is a virgin, if we are to take seriously statements that Harbour made recently. Ron Perlman’s Hellboy, however, got plenty of action. And we don’t have to take Perlman’s word for it, either. It is established in HELLBOY 2: THE GOLDEN ARMY that Selma Blair’s character Liz is pregnant, and that Hellboy is the father. If anyone would be able to confirm Hellboy’s claims, it would be his girlfriend. So there!

Harbour’s take on it is that if Hellboy were to have sex with a human woman, the results might not be too good for the woman. And that’s if he would even be attracted to a mere human in the first place. Says Harbour: “I was describing…the sexuality of a half-demon…for me the identity piece of this particular Hellboy is that he’s drawn to the villain character.” [The villain *is* being played by Milla Jovovich, so it’s understandable.] “I feel like genetically, when you’re half-demon, you respond to different things. And I think human beings are confusing to him…I’m sorry if someone was offended by that. Or especially if Ron [Perlman] was, because I adore him, and I’m not talking about the other movies, I’m talking about my particular creative process around a character and around what I think in my imagination of a character’s sexuality. I have no interest in attacking what anyone else has done…” Relax, David. No one with any sense was offended. Ron was just messing with you when he responded to your comments regarding sex with human chicks with the statement “The 1st guy did just fine!”

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