Is it Okay if the Mummy is Sexy?

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I loved Stephen Sommers’ first two MUMMY movies; I never got around to watching the third one, as it seemed too much of a departure for me; it didn’t feature Egypt, which for me is prerequisite for a good Mummy movie, Rachel Weisz and Arnold Vosloo weren’t in it, and then I probably felt the series had reached its conclusion by that point. Whatever the case, I can’t comment on the quality or lack thereof with the third one. The first two were a blast, entertaining popcorn movies, tongue-in-cheek adventures. They were NOT Horror films, and that was okay. I accepted that Horror wasn’t what they were going for.

Hearing about the NEW Mummy movie in the works, I hoped they would this time around go for a darker, scarier approach. Then I heard they’d cast Tom Cruise and that Universal planned to put all its Monsters into a “shared universe” ala Marvel Comics and that the studio was going to focus more on the action-adventure than the chills. I think this is a mistake. I’ll likely see the new movie(s) anyway, because I’m that much of a mark for the classic Monsters, but will they be any good? Likewise, I’m not sure how I feel about this new Mummy. She’s got curves in places Boris Karloff and Lon Chaney never had them, that’s for sure. Is that a good thing? How sexy can and should a mummy be, anyway? (Also, Tom Cruise. Meh.)


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