Is it okay to love Lovecraft?

The guy’s influence on the Horror genre cannot be overstated. H.P Lovecraft is second only to Edgar Allan Poe in terms of the length and breadth of the shadow he casts—and the rich, velvety darkness of that shadow. It also cannot be overstated that the man was a flaming bigot. He is on record as having praised Hitler. Lovecraft fans will be quick to inform you that he later changed his tune on that subject, but he never deviated from his overall racist nature. He held minorities and Jews in, if not contempt, something pretty close to it. There are other writers I love—Robert E. Howard, Edgar Rice Burroughs, to a lesser extent—the reading of whose work sometimes makes me bristle, but Lovecraft was by far the worst. Should we, then, be well rid of him? Not at all.

I do not understand the desire by some to censor the work of deceased writers whose personal views were objectionable or even abhorrent by today’s standards. I’ve read the works of the Marquis de Sade. At no point did I ever entertain the notions that Sade was a good guy. Why can we not appreciate the works of a creator on their own merit, without linking them in our minds with the author himself? Lovecraft was a lousy racist. He should be publicly excoriated for this. He was also a genius of the macabre. We can celebrate the one without condoning the other.

Now if Lovecraft were alive and writing today and he held to those views, it would be a much different story.


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