Is the change because of age or because my opinions are have run their course?

i am experienceing a change in how i see people around me which is odd and hard to put into words. i’ve made this poem and was wondering if anyone can fathom it and if they feel the same sometimes

I feel dislocated now
Removed from the beauty of my home, from the lives of the people I know
Sudden yet unseen this revolution doesn’t hit me but arrived when I wasn’t there
I came back one day and it was just different
My childish willing to make the world go on as it always had
My acceptance and toleration, silence all unreal an forced
Making my reality less harsh I cope and don’t see myself as bottling it all up but the anger has returned
The need to feel my own blood on my lips and walk in the cold alone under the stars on a cloudless night
To feel the thought that I wanted to share I now realise it was blinded by my company
That they are not going to be receptive to these revelations
The views that thousands share but thousands more don’t
Those thousands lost looking at the same stars wondering the same old thoughts across time even but it doesn’t get any easier
I know now that few will ever welcome that part of me and am saddened at the thought
There are people out there like me I know but like trying to find someone in a crowd who, like you feels forced to put on the outward conformity shell and, like you condemn them, condemn you for being like the others.
The chances are minimal and looking for the person to bring out all you want but for it not to be a parasitic relationship are next to none. That’s how it feels anyway