Is There Any End To This?!?!?

Is There Any End To This?!?!?

Emotional Torment
Not a single way to sedate
Dried up in draught
Not a single tear to shed
Endless dreadfull nights
Restless from tearless cries
Is there any end to this?

Look up, Down
All around
Nobody’s there
Look over, under
And look through
No one to care

Agonizing Demise
Not a single way to cope
Excrusiating pain
Not a single speck of hope
Endless Dreadfull days
Restlessness causing eyes burning
Is there any end to this

Look up
Sky made up
Cartoonish and fake
Look down
What do you see?
Nothing but ground
Look all around
There is nothing
And no one to be found
Look over
No observations to be saught
Look under
Nothing but a whole different world
Living incomprehensively
And look through
Realization of not belonging
There is no one there
No one to care
Is there any end to this?

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By Atred

When we first meet, i can either be the nicest person that you have ever met, or if you fuck me over i WILL be the one person in this whole (infinite) universe that you wish you have never met!!! Other than that, i am a musician (hardcore metal/Gothic Industrial) i also write poems, hate mail, threatening letters to the world, and lyrics. i design text and some other shit, not much, but i like time consuming projects. the only parts of my body that has seen the sun in the past 9 years is my hands and face. i hate the sun!!!!!