Is This Our Future???

Most people travel to high-society countries. Italy, Germany, Spain, England. I prefer the less developed countries, mostly because those are the ones where I can roam about freely. Not as some slave. Those economic countries have scanners that can detect me. It’s not hard now adays. Technology can do almost anything. The last frontiers are gone. The ocean. The universe. The human mind. Every mystery has been solved.

God is now a figment of myth. The once highly respected Pope has become no more coveted than that man who stood, drunk, on a street corner ranting about the apocalypse. Men are gods. They control life and death. Yesterdays scientists paved the way for the gods of today. The gods that control my life and want to destroy me. I cannot fight them. Cannot fight their technology. I can only run to countries where they are too poor to scan for my kind. They are the havens for my kind.

Prejudice knows no color. They days of the clan and the Nazi’s are long gone. They have found a new and far greater enemy to throw their genocide upon: me. What crime have I committed? The crime of living. The crime of being. A crime I had no control over.

My parents were bereft with the possibility that their only child could be born a deaf mute and have diseases plague him until his short life ended. They started out with a simple enough desire; a healthy child. But the option to choose every aspect of my brother’s genetics, to make him their perfect son, was too much.

He would grow to a height of 6’1” with brown hair and grey eyes. He would be muscular and have and IQ of 120. He was born a healthy baby, then those same scientists who engineered him, also engineered a virus that was infectious only to those who had been genetically altered. My brother caught it and soon after died. My parents had lost their perfect child.

They talked to the doctors about a controversial procedure that would see the best of its days shortly after my birth and the fall of its days when I neared adulthood. In one fell swoop my parents had damned me. Cursed me to a life of running and hiding, and the knowledge that if I am ever caught I will be tortured and then annihilated. The day I was cloned.

Parents looked on it as a way to save their children. But some saw the power in a race of cloned, perfect humans. They wondered that if scientists could clone a dying baby, why couldn’t they clone a copy of, say, a world leader? Why couldn’t they take a person’s life away? Some call us soulless.

I can’t tell you whether or not I have a soul or whether or not I even believe in God. But I believe I have a right to live. I will not be judged by these man-gods.

By CryingRain1

I'm always confused and I cry when I can't take it anymore. Maybe it's a bit babyish, but I don't care. Sometimes the tears flow and I just can't make them stop.


  1. wow… wierrd, and interesting..! I like what you wrote in the thrid paragraph about commiting a crime you have no control over – living….

  2. same as mors. only i was interested right up till it started being fake.

  3. well,i justwondered because i was about to argue down on everything you were saying, but then it was like, oh……….this is a story, it hasn’t ahppened yet. i’m too much reminded of gattaca and minority report(even though i never saw it) as well as bravenew world. it’s like you took three already good ideas and rolled them into one.

  4. wait wait wait. i have another. “those who survived lived to face a new nightmare; the war against the machines”

  5. wonderful creative way of putting that, sweetheart. very corny. i admire your corniness. hell i like you; you can come over to my house and fuck my sister.

  6. This is very impressive, and thats for reading my peom CryingRain1!

  7. Man, I thought that you really thought that all of lifes mysteries have been solved!! Don’t mae me get mad over something so small. πŸ™‚

  8. I totally agree with Kaleowitch… Actually that’s the first comment that came to my mind when I started reading this story.

  9. But if they are solved, they would stop being mysteries, where’s the fun in that?

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