Is this really it?

“Yhea well…” I trailed off. “Just get out of my room!”
“I’m scared for you. I don’t know who you are anymore.” my mother sobbed.
She leaves my room,knife in hand,and shuts the door.

I want to cut so bad. To make on more gash, but she has my weapon of choice. So… she has left me to “think” about my future. My dreams. HA! When has anyone cared about my dreams? Only one person had…before life became too much for him and ke jumped off the bridge. Leading to his death. ” Jonny…why did you leave me here?” I thought. I hated him for leaveing me. To leave me to my darkest lesson… In the end we only have ourselves. I decide that this is too much. I run downstairs to grab my water bottle. Dash back upstairs and slowly pull the dresser drawer out and take the little yellow pills out and stare at them. I smile. Soon I’ll be with Jonny. I’ll be in peace. I ‘ll leave this godforsaken place and I’ll finally know what life is like after death. The one thing I wondered every since god took my grandmother. I open the waterbottle and I take ten little pills and shove them in my mouth. Quickly as I could and drank water. Then swallowed. I continued this until the bottle was emty. My head was in a swirling mist. I began to laugh before I colaped to the floor. I took my last breath and died. My mother heard a loud “THUMP” and ran to my room. She started screaming when she saw my body… and a note.
“Dear mom,
I’m sorry I had to do this but I couldn’t live in the sea of at and loathing anymore. I love you and never forget it…good bye”

By Notyourbeautyqueen

I used to write on Darkness about two years ago, and now, after many years of being in the shadows...I decided to come out again