I’m not sure which I find more irritating, or concerning. That some keyboard jockey looking to cash in on the Halloween season has cobbled together an “article” on some related subject—Horror movies—that is as factually threadbare and blatantly lazy as this one I’ve linked to; or that, now that it’s out there, there are people who will point to said article as some kind of authoritative source. Never mind that it’s almost completely bullshit.

I don’t totally blame the experts quoted here. Chances are they had more to say on the subject, but the writer practiced some selective editing. Otherwise any psychologist or psychiatrist worth his salt would have stressed that watching a Horror movie could pose a psychological “threat” or serve as some sort of catalytic “trigger” only to an individual already disturbed. The guy who might be spurred to an act of violence by watching a Horror flick is equally as likely to be spurred to such an action by something else. An episode of WELCOME BACK, KOTTER could suffice. And the guy who might have a heart attack while watching a Horror movie is predisposed to do so and could just as easily have one watching figure skating. Likewise, the claim that watching Horror movies provides nothing beneficial to the viewer is demonstrably false. The writer here felt no need to do her homework. Don’t believe everything you read.

source: www.yahoo.com