It doesn’t feel so good, does it?

I am tired of being abused….tonight is the night. I am going to be free. I am looking at the bruises on my arms and legs. I will no longer be his slave, he will see what it’s like. I am going to show him…… he comes.

The door is opening, I have to hide it. Just keep calm,”Hello my darling.” He is drunk again, fucking bastard, I know he is going to try to rape me and beat me again. He looks at me laying on the bed in my gown smiling. I know he hates it when I smile at him. He is yelling now,”What the fuck have you been doing, why aren’t you cleanin, you don’t need to be laying around doin nothin, who the fuck do you think you are!” He is coming towards me, taking off his belt, but this is the last night…”You wanna lay around bitch!!” Hit me go ahead, it doesn’t even hurt anymore. He is ripping at my night gown, pulling down his pants. The smell of beer mixed with sweat causes me to scream inside. I will have my chance go on baby, put your dick in me one last time. Go ahead and shove your dirty cock in me, fuck me until you can’t stand it! Tears usually flow from my eyes by now, but tonight I am a spider….waiting for him to fall into my web. He thinks it hurts me with his constant thrusting, like a snake’s bite to a mouse. Although, too many nights have gone by that his poison has sunk inside me, I am immune. He is breathing hard now, starting to thrust harder and faster, he is about to come. He has no clue as I slide the blade out from under the pillow. “You Bastard,” I take the knife across his back. Blood spills all over the blankets as he rises in pain. “What the fuck are you,” I thrust towards his stomach before he can finsh his sentence. I push harder to make him scream. “Is this what you like baby? Pain, it feels so different when it’s you!” I push him off the bed and he tumbles to the ground. He looks up at me in distress and confusion,”Why did you do this.” I bring myself up off the bed so I am standing over him. I lift his head by his hair and right before I slit his throat,”It doesn’t feel so good, does it?”

By quintessance

I love my fiance', forever....