it turns out school can be useful

when i had taken her from her warm bed in the rich suburbs, i expected a far harder time than i actually did. even though she was drugged, i was expecting a slight struggle. but not even one gasp of suprise.

typical; she wasnt exactly one of the most observant of people i’d known. by midnight we had reached my school. more specifically, the auto body class. i worked hard everyday in that shop restoring cars, and each day she would laugh at me for what i did, because i was a girl. why would i want to work with cars? her latest torment finally pushed me. all of her other shit i had taken with ease, throwing off each comment and forgetting them. but this, her laughing at one of my few loves, that had to be punished. while she was still uncounsious, i hooked up a few IV’s that i’d stolen from the medical class to her arm, to ensure she wouldn’t die too quickly. i wanted this to last for some time. i bound her ankles and wrists to a large metal pole in the center of the shop, tight enough to keep her, loose enough to let her blood flow. by now she was starting to wake up, confused as to where she was, and why i was here. working expertly, i used a razor blade to remove all of her clothes. she looked worse with them off, her body bloated and corrupted, just like her supposed friendship to me. she then started to scream at me, asking me what was i doing to her. “no no no” i said.” no talking.” with that i stuffed an old oily rag into her mouth. i went back into the little closet of tools and picked my supplies carefully. returning i spread them out for her to see. as her eyes poured over each tool, they got bigger and bigger until i thought they would fall out. reaching out to touch her trembling skin i wispered to her “relax, i’m a girl. i couldnt possibly know how to use these things, rememeber?” that would be the last thing i said to her. picking up a block of sandpaper of the largest grit, i went to work on all of her skin, rubbing the block all over her writhing gorm until it was blood red and bleeding. i had even managed to take off her lips with it. then i took a chemical solvent normally used to clean cars of any dust particles, and wiped her body down with it, taking great pleasure in how she struggled, watching the tears flow from her eyes. now i pickedf up the hot nail gun we used to weld nails to metal, and welded a nail to each finger, each nipple, each toe, and her eyes. i stood back for a few minutes to let them cool, then i ripped each nail off, taking with them, fingerprints, tits, chunks off skin, and the eyelids. at each pull she screamed louder and louder, but i wasnt done yet. now i took a grinder and cut many diagonal lines into her flesh, until she resembled a checker boad, blood flowing freely from ever line. finally, i picked up the plasma cutter, a machine that uses heated air to cut though metal, and carved the word “traitor” across her forhead. but now, even with the drugs, all she could manage was a whimper. i released her from the pole, laughing loudly as she collapsed, unhooked the IV’s, then hog-tied her. i dragged inside our spraybooth, sprayed three layers of black paint on her, locked the doors, and turned the heat onto the highest the morning she would be a beautiful black work of art, but i wouldnt be able to see it, since i planed on missing school the next day. after all, who would want the trama of finding her friend cooked to death in her own classroom?

By mistress faruzah

losing your viginity at a church is quite the experience