It Won’t Hurt

Micheal and Jessica walked down their make-shift path toward the tree they’d made love under so many times before.

She wanted to tell him things she had told no one else. She fidgited as they walked by the old stone wall barely a hundred feet from the towering oak.

As they neared the tree, Jessica’s ankle gave a jerked twist and pain shot up her leg. This did not help ease her nervous mind, but nor did it bother her. Micheal had not noticed this as he stared at the oak, his eyes fixed but his mind as wild as usual. Night had come, and the sky brought question after question to his unsettled head. Micheal didn’t hear the leaves cracking away under their feet, nor see Jessica’s shaky walking. He was mentally somewhere else.

Finally, they sat on the soft, not-yet-moist grass under the looming shadow. Micheal’s reality came back to him. After viddying that Jessica seemed unnatural, he asked if anything was wrong. She heard the hurry in is voice. “I’ve been longing to tell you…” Before she could finish her sentence, Micheal was kissing her neck and feeling away, hoping for love already.

Moments later, clothes fell siltently on the grass and revealed bodies felt greedy for the cool breezes. Jessica tried to speak again. “I’ve been meaning to tell you that there is something else I want when making love to you.” Micheal looked bored at this, but decided to pretend to be interested. “So tell me,” he said invitingly.

“Aw no,” she said. “It must be shown.” She began kissing all over his neck and naked chest. She let him lie down and then began grabbing and kissing with passion that he knew all too well. He thought to himself, ” I don’t see what is so different about this.”

He was excited, she could tell, and stopped kissing him. Suddenly, Micheal felt an intolerable pain in his abdomen. She had cut him, and oh how the krovvy poured. Her tongue drank it away and it seeped down her chin. Micheal sat up, disturbed and scared. She pressed him down, this time kissing him on the lips. Her teeth soon sank deep through his lower lip as once again the krovvy was beckoned by her mouth. Micheal cried out and tried to move, but his scrawny bones were no match for her. Jessica was delighted at the blood flow. A vampire she was no, but her love for the crimson lines and red red spill pulled on her sleaves constantly. In this pleasure, neither consortists, nor love, nor anything of the sort mattered.

Micheal had taken off, tripping and wasting blood. He had obviously been very frightened by Jessica’s attmepts at what he thought her sick. She really had loved him, but he couldn’t handle her. She was hurt by this, and this would probably be common. She had no idea why she had these feelings, she began to cry for herself. If only a man was sadistic enough for her.

Forgive me for this was written in a great hurry and lacks my normal detail. Thank you for reading it.