It’s not any of thier business

I don’t understand..You’d think he would be happy for me..I’ve been so miserable of late…But where the hell does he get off telling me I’m wrong for being with the person who makes me happy…I just recently got out of a 3 year marriage that was abusive as hell…I’m 26 and have 2 where does my LITTLE brother get off telling me that I’m sick because the only man with whom I’ve found the common ground enough to sleep with in 18 months is 6 years younger than me?

It’s not as If I want to marry the guy…I just wanted to have someone to be friends with and to sleep with is that so wrong? My husband never understood my Polyamorous nature..Kevin does…he understand that even if I were in the olace in my life where I was looking for a could never be monogomous…not Like I’m planning to sleep with everything that comes in range but I have the capacity to truely love more than one person…I know I’m rambling and am probably going to have people looking at me sideways for awhile but oh well…Gypsy