It’s the end of the world as we know it….

As just about every educated U.S. citizen know, in our country (supposedly) we have a constitutional seperation of church and state. This is common knowledge. We have the right to chose what religious beliefs to follow without threat of persicution by our government (We’re not even going to get into the controversies on this issue).

Almost every education system at some time or another must address the origin of life. As almost oll schools and colleges are government funded, it’s always been a difficult subject for teachers to instruct. Religion in schools is souch a touchy issue that teachers must be very cautious in their presentation of the theory of creation. Because it accredits the beginning of life to the existance of a higher being, most scientists find that the biblical account of creation lacks credibility, therefor spend a much more significant amount of time focusing on “scientific” studies. The sciences of astrophysics and cosmology have come far in their theories of the Big Bang and evolution, but both have yet to touch upon why these things happened as they did.

Sure, it may be a coincidence that in a fraction of a second, a submicroscopic vaccuum exploded, creating matter, matter formed planets, these elements eventually formed life, and we evolved into what we are today. It could happen.

For centuries scientists have refused to aknowledge the existance of a god or gods, and many theologists argued against the theory of evolution. What can be done? We’ve been faced with obviously opposing theories. Some live faith, some live science.

Until now…

Recently, the American Association for the Advancement of Science brought together physicists and theologists in an attempt to, at last, bring together scientific theories and religious theories in hopes of creating an all encompassing explaination of the beginning of life.

While many physicists say the idea of creation is silly, some are arguing that the universe is so beautifully composed, so fine-tuned and precise, that there is a good chance that they’re governed by a divine power.

Undoubtably this will be a very contravercial issue for years to come. What will be the effects on society is science accepts the idea of a divine power?

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