I’ve had stomach pains.

I was having pains inside me. My guts hurt. When I had sex they hurt, when I laid down they hurt. My stomach hurt and I couldn’t see why.

I tried eating. I hadn’t eaten in a few days so I tried eating, and I got sick. I woke the next morning ready to vomit. I ran to the bathroom and yacked everything I had eaten the night before. I needed a fix so I washed up, dressed and walked to Steven’s.
Steven ad I go way back. He’s been my main man through two counties, and 3 long years. Not once has he charged me. Just because I’m his “favorite” and help him. I use to be the delivery, until my driver/boyfriend died. then I just cleaned and helped out with finance.
When I got to Steven’s his house was empty, smokey, and dark. I walked in the shredded screen door to locate the man. The man was nodding on an old blownout couch, candle still lit, the syringe had fallen on the floor. I walked over, picked up a couple of bags, stuffed two in my pocket and opened another. I sat down next to the man, pulled a somewhat fresh needle out of my pocket and used the water still sitting on the table.
When I came out of my nod my stomach hurt again. Steven was up.
“Steve … my fucking stomach has been getting all fuckin’ weird on me.”
“did you eat?” he asked, sorting drugs into packages
“yeah, but i puked it up this morning”
“what about before that?”
“same thing happened the other day.”
“you pregnant?”
“nah, i haven’t been screwing in while, my fucking stomach hurts too much.” I started to curl into a ball, these fucking pains were making me cold and I wanted to vomit some more.
“let me take you home,”
“no.” i started to sweat. maybe I had the flu.
“go take a fucking shower, you’ll feel better,”
“no…..” I stayed curled and shook myself to sleep. I ended up sleeping for some time. when I woke the day was over. I got up, and made my way to the bathroom.
“take a shower…” Steve said as I passed him groggily in the hall.
The bathroom was cold and damp and nasty. I turned on the shower and started to undress. I stepped into the water and sat on the floor in the bathtub. I wanted to puke again. But here was no way that was gonna happen.
suddenly my stomach turned again. It was so painful I tried to push out the pain with all my might, as if my insides would leave me on command. I looked down to see swirl of blood and coagulated masses run with the water down the drain.
I took a deep breath and did it again. More blood. I laid bak, spread my legs and began to push as hard as I could, then slipped my hand down my front, into my hole and searched for some sort of something causing me to hurt and now bleed. I needed only venture a little way to find a nasty glob about he size of a child’s fist. I pulled it out and watched is make it’s way to the drain.
It got stuck. I stood up and started to step on it with the heel of my foo trying to get it to go down the drain. I had to smash it with my toes and force it down harder and harder to make it go down the drain. Blood giblets were all over.
When it finally went down (for the most part) I turned off the shower and stepped into the living room in a towel.
“i need a fix” i said sitting on one said f the couch with my arm on the armrest.
Steve looked at the blood running down my leg and the red slime on my foot.
“Yes you do.”