Jasmien and Talena; Prep School

School…Summer was ending, and the sleepy haze, which had mezmerized Jasmine all through the season was slowly deluting by the thought. It was time to leave.

“One more day Jaz, then it is off to prep school for you! Four years of it!” Her father said viciously. She rolled her eyes and spoke under her breath.

“Not if I get kicked out.” Her father hadn’t heard her and continued to eat his omlet and watch the Sports Center on tv. She shrugged her shoulders and walked out of the room, jingling her chains as she went.

Up in her room, she tumbled into bed and hugged her white teddy bear Tartin Bear to her chest. On his hands, feet, and was the Scottish tartin of Red Sinclair slightly faded. His nose was brown velvet, and rubbed away due to tears and kisses. He was her symbol of stability. Everywhere she went, she knew she would always have him.

Most of the day was spent doing laudry, getting together things like her iron, sheets, quarters, CD’s, and jewelry. That night she sat on her maove carpet, and looked up at her skylights. The stars were not visable behind the aray of clouds that had shifted into place that evening. Numb and without hope she finished packing, and wrote an entry in her diary.

The next morning she was resting her head agaist the window as her father drove up to her new campus. When they reached the school she got out. Fishnets, penticle, and all her gothic self. (I wonder what their gonna do when realize they have accepted a goth?) Prep schools….She shivered.

They were considerate to her and merely smiled when she entered the door. Most of the other students wouldn’t dare look at her, but she didn’t care. When Jasmine had gotten her room key, her father and her went to the car to find her dorm and to unpack.

The campus was small because there was only a total number of 225 students that went there, and not all of them boarded. There were pine trees, and wild grass growing everywhere, and the buildings that made up the campus were adobie, and mexican styled. Jasmine wasn’t fond of it, but she relentlessly sucked it up. (Fuck it, if I’m here for four years I might as well accept it.)

They entered the dorm titled North Perry, and walked into a large living space which Jasmine was soon to know as the common room. Her room was just down across from the small kitchen and bathrooms, and when she walked in her roommate was already there.

Jasmine smiled, and there wasn’t a single moment of awkwardness as usually expected when you meet a roommate. Her rommate’s name was Morgan, and she wasn’t at all what Jasmine had expect.

They connected so quickly. Morgan was about 5’3 with shoulder length raven black hair that shimmered in the sun light. Her skin was slightly dark, and she had freckles that were scattered across her nose and cheeks. Morgan’s skin was perfectly smooth, and her eyes were seal brown. She played soccer and had a nice body, but she wasn’t thin.

They spoke for a while, and at lunch together, ditching their parents, and talking about life. Everything seemed excellent, and though Morgan wasn’t gothic, skater, punk, or raver, she had a personality which just clicked with Jasmine.

For the first time, Jasmine actually thought she might stay at the school for four years…

By ChildofDeath

A little gothic girl going to a boarding school.