Jasmine and Talena; cigarette burn

A couple days had passed since Talena had called, and Jasmine was still at Caterin’s house. They we laughing and playing with the little girl who was Caterin’s cousin Alice, when the phone rang again.

Caterin’s aunt picked up the phone and then yelled for Caterin to answer it. Rolling her eyes and giving on last tickle to Alice, Caterin picked it up.

“Yea, this is Caterin.”

“Cat, do you want to come to my house tonight and watch Resident Evil and The Craft? You could spend the night…” Talena was trying to be sweet, but there was something sly behind it.

“Well, if Jasmine wants too that sounds good.”

“If I want to what Caterin?” Jasmine asked still giggling a little as she stumbled into the room and shut the door on Alice.

“Oh, I didn’t know Jasmine was with you, she can come too if she likes.” Talena added quickly.

“What?” Jasmine persisted.

“Talena is inviting us over for a night of movies.”



Jasmine was perturbed to say the least as she sat in Caterin’s car looking out the window. She was seeing Talena for the first time in quite a while and she had no idea what was going to happen. Talena was natorious for playing mind games. How was she going to handle this?

The girls got out of the car and we bombarded by two chocolate labs. They smiled and pet the dogs on their way up to the door. Lugging bags they made the best attempt to kock and then stood and waited for Talena. She took her sweet time answering.

A short girl with black hair, that resembled something of a porcelain doll smiled a fake smile at them. She hugged both Jasmine and Caterin as they walked in and shuffled behind her as she lead them through the unfinished kitchen, down to th basement where they could hear a loud base pounding to the beat of Drowning Pool’s “Let the Bodies Hit the Floor.”

It was already dark outside. The night was cool and silent. Plum, Talena’s little sister, yelled at her behind the door.

“Talena! Mom called and wants to know what you guys want for dinner from McDonald’s!” Talena conspired with us, then flung the door open and took the phone from her sister.

So far everything was fine, and the girls we best friends talking about life at school and arguing about what shit they would wear to the mall the next day.

“You should dye your hair Jaz.” Talena commented. Jasmine rolled her eyes and toyed with her long brown hair, unfortunetly naturally streaked with blond.

“I know, I want it either blood red, purple, black, or really dark brown. People mastake me for blond and it drives me up a fucking wall.” They all laughed. She was like the virgin of the group and Jasmine knew it.

“We’ll streak it red tonight, I’m dying mine red, and there’ll be some left.” Jasmine shrugged and then went to the door when Plum knocked.

“Dinner’s here.” The three girls followed the ten year old up the blue stairs and through the living room and pantry, which lead to the kitchen.

Talena’s mother sneered at her in distaste. “You three look like you could scare the whole neighborhood.” The girls just smiled and Talena shrugged. Her mother pointed to the counter.

When they finished their dinner they sat and watched tv up on the big screen in the kitchen. Time flew and Talena’s mom and little sister went to bed. The girls went down to Talena’s room and grabbed their cigarettes.

It took Talena a while to find her’s, but she smiled wickedly when she stole some from her father’s truck.

“He said he was quiting.” The other girls just shrugged and went to go sit under a porch.

“Do you want some Jaz?” Talena was mocking her, and Jasmine knew it. She shook her head.

“You can smoke all you want Talena, I don’t like the taste.” Talena smiled and looked to Caterin to see her reaction to her girlfriend’s prissy attitude.

“Are you sure?”

“Shut the fuck up Talena. She said she didn’t want any.” Caterin snapped at Talena. Talena stared at Caterin. Caterin only grabbed the cigarette and drew deeply. She hated when Talena did shit like that just to piss Jasmine off.

Jasmine sat there for a while and then got up and walked off. There was a vast back yard and she felt like she would take advantage of that while Caterin and Talena smoked. She walked around and smiled at the cool breeze and sat on the swings on Talena’s little brother’s play set.

“You know how she said she wouldn’t kiss you after you smoked.” Talena asked Caterin as they sat there. Caterin looked at her.

“Yea. She was joking.”

“I would.”

By ChildofDeath

A little gothic girl going to a boarding school.