Jasmine and Talena; Or Should We Say Morgan

She lay with her arms wrapped around this girl, they were laying there in a silence that could sucumb to win her, but she broke with with fingers across skin.

It was a small touch, but it resounded through the room. As she ran her fingers up the smooth brown skin. It was honey and lovely sun kissed, and as she ran a hand up the girl’s ribs she arched her back.

Morgan turned in Jasmine’s arms and kissed her lips. Jasmine moaned against her lips, but knew she couldn’t do anything. They pressed their bodies together, and a warmth trapped between the breast. Lips traced a line down Jasmine’s throat and she arched her back. But there was a line that couldn’t be crossed. Morgan was straight and had never touched a girl.

(What am I doing?) They curled up together with only one light on…was it a sin to do this during study hall. Someone could walk in at any moment Jasmine thought, but she continued to kiss Morgan’s lips. They were entangled in sheets and clothes and an innocence of mere passion.

Fingers slipped benieth Jasmine’s shirt and she cried in pain as they pressed her breast with force and seemed to squeeze the nipple hard. But she whimpered in pleasure and sighed when Morgan kissed her lips.

A knock came at the door, and Jasmine scrambled to the other side of the bed, brushing at her flushed lips.

Morgan’s brown eyes lit up when Jasmine entered the room. They were dark and full of lust, but also tired. She smiled and looked at her roommate as Jasmine came to sit on the edge of her bed.

“I’m tired so, you can do what you want for five minutes, but then we have to sleep.” Jasmine smiled a little and shrugged.

“You’ll regret that.” Morgan looked at her questioningly, but before she could question Jasmine, her shorts where taken off of her and Jasmine had burried her head between her legs. With her tongue, she prodded and poked at the material that was right against Morgan’s clit. Morgan shut her legs barely and her breath shattered, she lost control. When Jasmine came up, she hadn’t even passed through the material of her underwear, but her hands ran up Morgan’s stomach which was so sensitive that Morgan shuttered and followed Jasmine as Jasmine took her shirt off.

She pressed a hard kiss against Morgan’s lips, Morgan’s eyes dull and sugar coated. She ran a stream of kisses down one side of Morgan’s neck and then used her teeth to play with Morgan’s nipples, but through her bra.

Morgan was breathing rapidly, and Jasmine reached her fingers inside Morgan’s underwear and felt her. She was warm and wet, and just as Morgan was moving to fit Jasmine to her, Jasmine with drew her hand and smiled wickedly.

She looked at the clock with sparkling green eyes. “Morgan, it’s been five minutes, I better get to bed.” Morgan’s mouth dropped open.

“What?!” Her eyes were still foggy, but when Jasmine went to get up Morgan wrapped her legs arouned Jasmine’s waiste, and her arms around Jasmine’s shoulders. Jasmine giggled wickedly.

“Really Morgan, we have school tomorrow, you have to sleep remember. You said five minutes.”

“You bitch Jasmine.” She hissed, but caught the note of sarcasim in Jasmines words. “Fine five more minutes.”

“Only if you agree to do something also.” Morgan nodded quickly and seperated her limbs from Jasmine’s.

Jasmine removed Morgan’s underwear and bra. Then as quick as a snake would strike she thrust her fingers inside of Morgan who bucked with the impact. She breathed roughly and with the thrusts so climaxed, but not enough to take away her energy, or her intentions.

Something that Jasmine would remember forever was the kisses that Morgan gave. Morgan pressed her lips kindly to Jasmine’s and with ran her tongue down Jasmine’s neck, it was cool and Jasmine shivered. Then Morgan bit hard right down on her neck. Jasmine bit her bottem lip to hold back a moan.

Morgan ran her tongue in circles around Jasmine’s exposed nipples, then took one in her mouth and teased it more. Jasmine whimpered ran her hands through Morgan’s long black hair. Her touch on Jasmine was like red ribons. Smooth and soft, but when tied tight and with holding. Morgan hesitated before slipping her fingers inside of Jasmine.

Jasmine noticed and touched her cheek. Morgan smiled, dove her fingers inside a couple times, enough to make Jasmine close her eyes and bite her bottem lip, then pulled her hand out.

“Get up.” Jasmien opened her eyes in surprise. “I need to sleep now, we’ve been doing this too long.” Jasmine stared and then knew exactly what she was up to. She wrapped her arms around the top of the bed and wouldn’t move.

“No.” Morgan eyed her.

“I did my part.” Jasmine looked down at herself. Her breasts were heaving, and she was slightly moist, but she had in no way been fulfilled.

“Really?” She grabbed Morgan’s wrist and pulled her down on top of her, and Morgan didn’t resist. She kissed Morgan’s lips and flipped her onto her back. The panties which Morgan had put back on at one point where again removed.

Jasmine spread Morgan’s legs and ran kisses up the inside of Morgan’s thy until she reached Morgan’s pussy and then kissed it, and twirled her tongue inside Morgan’s core. Morgan groaned and her muscles when hard and she stayed very still. Jasmine smiled wickedly and bit lightly on Morgan who’s breath caught in her throat.

Morgan pulled Jasmine up across her body until she could finger her. Then with her eyes gazing into Jasmine’s she pulnged her fingers inside her until Jasmine was forced her dig her nails into the sheets to restrain her moans.

Managing after fifteen minutes to finally get out of Morgans bed, Jasmine gave Morgan one last kiss before she fell asleep. (Kiss every kiss as if it is your last.) Unknown to Jasmine, this was going to be her last kiss with Morgan.

By ChildofDeath

A little gothic girl going to a boarding school.