I remember it well. The early 90s. They sucked for me. I was fresh out of high school and completely lost as to who I was, who I wanted to be, where I was going in life. So wracked with depression that I was at times suicidal. Just struggling to get by. Some vestiges of my true personality survived from my childhood, but most were dormant. My great passion for Horror would occasionally rear its head above my near-constant focus on how miserable I was. This isn’t a whiny post; rather its intent is not to provide an opportunity for me to whine. I am merely setting the stage, letting you all know where I stood at the time, when I heard about the 9th FRIDAY THE 13TH movie. An origin film? They were going to treat the material seriously? They were going to explain Jason? That movie, along with a few others released during that time, like BRAM STOKER’s DRACULA, was a beacon of hope for me at a time I really needed one. Then I saw it. What a piece of shit. Possibly the worst film in the entire franchise. I felt betrayed for the hope I had placed in it.

Now I’m gonna have to go back and rewatch it. Is it possible the film was meant to be something more than what it ended up being? Did the studio sabotage the director’s vision, ruining the product? Or was his idea simply better than his ability to execute it?

That book on the mantle in the movie is the Necronomicon. Jason is supposed to be a Deadite. I swear I’d forgotten all about this. As with Freddy’s glove making a surprise appearance at the end of the film, I just couldn’t get excited about it, because by that point I was so let down by the movie overall. Maybe if I watch it now, without the high expectations, without depending on it to serve as some kind of life preserver, I might appreciate it more. We’ll see.