Jeff Rest Your Weeping Soul

Dude, did you see the news?

Your friend Jeff’s beyond repair

He stole a trailer and drove out west

Just to fill his last request

He drove into our old garage

In San Diego, save my home

Wrote a note that stated clear

What is on this paper here:

“I tell you all,

Without fail,

You never failed

To pull my tail!

I left for the best

I left for the worst

I left to save what little’s left

Of the sanity caught in my skull

For love and peace and some chaos too

I leave you here to start anew.

And when you find upon this crimson chest

The note I wrote, fill my last request-

I had always wanted to live

Near my homeland, where now I lie

The blood that pours and streaks my side

Is blood I bleed because of pride.”

And we all said our last few words

With the releasing of some charchol birds

We saw their wings, black as night

And realized you had lost the fight.

Categorized as poetic

By QuietFairWarning

Russian Roulet- My favourite game. Death- my favourite state of being. Suicide- yeah, within 24 hours of writing this probably.