Journey into a soul
into a soul doomed
heardened heart of life
soul dimly entombed
strolling through the endless abyss
catch the scent of agitation
learning of souls corruption
fake gods leading it to damnation
fire growing
glowing of deception
contraception for the heart
dont make the connection
understand the impossible
kill the fake and weak
when living life thought only pain
life is only bleak
living under evils wing
set all your mind free
singing the song that death does sing
bringing me to my fate
damnation of life
thumbing through my hate
you cant see love that is not there
leaving all that is good behind
for, the death of my soul is all that you derive
from the end of deaths journey
nothing will survive

By masked darkness

i live...i am anti government, anti EVERYTHING everyone stands for...i get online...i go to school...i dream of mass murder and serial killings...wat can i say...i live life through my past ...the end