Journey to the other side

Close your eyes and come to me
Forget the carnage, forget the world
Walk with me on the other side
See the world that once was, look what we have done
Imagine the life we once had, imagine the love that once was
Now I only see the vivid images of tears on a child’s face, black tears of despair and sorrow
A child crying under the bright light of a dying moon
Why do they haunt me in my sleep, to bring me salvation in this sick world?
What can I do, one man in all this madness, all this death, all this grief
How did it come so far?

Walk with me towards the endless fields of dreams
Were all we once thought lies dead
Were all our hopes and expectations now rot in the bottom of a coffin
Were all the sinners and saints, now suffer in silence
Were life is now is now at its extension

Were did we do wrong in life
How did it end like this?
Maybe it was destiny that put us in this misery
Were we meant to have this dark slumber?
You use your whole life thinking not acting
And only at the end, as you are dying, do you see what you wish to see
But did we ever accomplish what we wanted
Have we done what we believe we were meant to do?

Walk with me on the other side
Travel with me until the end of the world
When all has passed away and there is none left
And your life is utterly spilt
See how the oceans slowly dry away, like the endless tears on my cheek.
See how everything slowly fades away, away into the oblivion
And as everything we ever loved disappears
Come to the realisation that no matter how hard we try
Everyone leaves in the end, everything dies in the end

So open your eyes again, and awaken
And walk with me, until it all ends…….


By Nightblood

17 and from the cold Denmark. I have always loved to wirte poems, and when i found i feel in love with it