At night’s beginning I begin to walk… Where? I do not know… I just walk. I see many things happen, such as a car explodes after colliding with a pole, a man rapes a woman, or a mouse escapes a hawk.

I see one every week, and simply watch, and wait, and strike when the time is right. Occasionally I come upon some poor creature, hit by a car or semi-truck, and stop, cradle it to me closely and keep walking. Just as its death approaches, I give it some of my precious blood, and wrap my arms around it one last time, and let go…. Letting go is always the hardest part for me, while finding one is easy…. I am perfect.

I watch someone get run over and walk over to them slowly. As the child looks up at me, her eyes pleading, and I am suddenly ashamed. A small child has brought me to bloodtears, and I do not know why. As with a dog, or a cat, I pick her up and cradle her closely to me. She isn’t hurt badly, but the fear is what hurts her most. Her blood runs over my clothes slowly, and I begin to walk. I keep walking as she goes to sleep. I keep walking when a policeman stops and stares at me. I keep walking. I stop when the sun begins to come up, and cradle her warm body closer. As I begin to pray to the Goddess the sun falls upon me, and I feel no burn, no urge to scream and tear myself from piece to piece… I smile, stand up.

And walk.

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By Allen_Warlock

I have problems with the other 7 besides Dark, Water, and Earth. The others are simply fools....