she sits on the bed trying to figure a way out of what they’re about to do, then its time no backing out now she has go.They walk slowly to the door of the basement trying not wake up their grandparents thay have the keys now all they have to do is get in the car and go. She has to go with her cousin to prove shes not afraid of anything anymore, before she even knows it they’re in the car and halfway down the road she closes her eyes and try to think that its just a dream and it will all be over in a few hours but when she opens her eyes its not over not even close its just begining.They finally get to their friends house and Brittany and Danny get in the car with them now maybe everything will be ok she thought. They all ride around for a while until they decided to go to Matt’s house then they were almost there but Brittany and Danny’s mom finds them so they follow their mom for a while but then they decide to turn around and go to Matt’s house.They get to where they think it is and go to knock on the door then two guys came and asked what they were doing there, then they asked if they wanted to come in so they did. One guy said his name was Billy and the guy by him was David sothey talked for awhile then the girls were high so Billy asked if they wanted to watch a movie so they said sure and all sat down.Billy came beside one of the girls she was so nervous now Billy tilted her face towerd his and began slowly kissing her then he untied her pants and started fingering her she wasn’t sure what to do now so she just went along with it he asked if she wanted to go to his room so she said sure. he went and turned on the bathroom light and told her to take off all her clothes and get on the bed so she did what she was told he got on top of her and started kissing her neck and wispering in her ear. He startes slow then keeps getting faster she was thinking to herself “I wish I knew him”,”I wish he was wearing a condom”,”I wish he would just stop”. but he kept telling her that everything was ok.Then all of a sudden it was all over. He kissed her gave her a towl and told her not to ever tell anyone what happened then walked out of the room.She put on all of her clothes and went to find her cousin and told her she wanted to leave so they went to a house next door to call her mom as she was laying in bed that night she was thinking about what had happenedhe thought i can’t tell my mom what happened but she knew she would ask so she quietly walked into the kitchen to the gun cabinet she stood there looking at the guns thinking if she really wanted to do this then she thought her mom hates her now because she ran away she can’t tell her mom what had happened and if she ever did Billy would kill her, she slowly opened the gun cabinet got out a small hand gun and pointed it toward her head she counted to three then pulled the trigger she saw her whole life before her eyes,laying in the floor parents standing over her crying she wispers with her last breath I hate you this is all your fault