junkie I

junkie blood
and straight edge tears
the soup we drink to stay good
with a little junk to ease our fears

the scent of rotting
comes from our heads
we’re dead from heroin shooting
lying on our mommy’s beds

the abcesses and runs will heal
but junk will destroy what’s real
i give my soul to heroin
booting up, let euphoria begin

By The Dying Euphoria

I may not be the average junk addict, seeing as I still have a few things going for me, but I'm a slave to heroin just the same. I'm a sad sight, no doubt, but that's the way life is, and you can't help it. So whatever you do, don't try and fuck with it. I like it when people e-mail me and reply to my posts, so please, speak your mind to me, if you wish. I have a blood, violence, and self mutilation fetish, so I'll spend a lot of time in the Erotica section, posting and reading. I write poetry, and I'll be posting thousands of poems. So please, check for my name often. If I disappear, well, I probably took my fetish too far...