Just a Story

He swallowed a moan as this captivating, swaying girl traced the throbbing veins in his cock with the tip of her tongue. Head thrown back, he runs his hands through her pale green hair, as her tail swishes ticklingly along his sides and her nipples hardened slowly against the rough ground below her. The girl’s tongue slowly pressed against the base of his cock, circling, moving lower to that strech of skin between his cock and his balls.

Dakota thrust his hips, involuntarily, though not unwillingly, silently begging her to take him into her mouth. She takes her time moving back up his shaft, kissing and sucking along the way. She takes his hips in her hands and kneeds gently, pinning them to the ground as she sucks the head into her mouth, swirling her tongue around the slit and stroking the ridge along the bottom with her fingers. She nibbles gently, very gently, on the tip of his cock, feeling him shudder. Dakota’s hips thrust up but are held down by her hands as her mouth engulfs his cock in heat and wettness, edging down, inch by inch as he pants and writhes under her. Suddenly she plunges down, swallowing his cock whole, rubbing the head against the back of her throat.
The end (Use your imagination)