Just Amy. IV

It was late dawn by the time I woke up, my cheek resting comfortably on Amy’s chest. Through the damp fabric of her bra, her skin felt warm against mine.

I was spread along her body, my legs between hers. My arm curled around her neck. Stretching slowly, I inspected the stake planted a few inches from my face, absent-mindedly reached up to check it and let my hand fall to cradle her breast. Not Amy.
Still groggy from sleep, I pushed myself up off her and looked down into her peaceful face. Her lips trembled slightly as she slept, her fingers curled gently against my wrist. Sliding my knee up between her legs, I let it rest at her crotch, enjoying the deep warmth there. Without thinking, I dipped my head down to hers and brushed my lips against hers. Trapped in torpor, she answered through her dreams, catching the edge of my lip in hers and tugging it slightly. …not human. I sighed and rolled off her. Letting my hand slide slowly up her leg and across her sex, along her stomach and pausing slightly at her breast before resting under her jaw. “Even like this, you’re dangerous.”