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I know I’m probably going to get yelled out for this, but I just wanted to remind everyone of something. The sudden attacks on 9/11 were catastrophic.

Everyone knows that. I sympathize deeply with everyone who lost someone near and dear in that tragedy. And everyone has bonded together in a fantastic, and heartwarming way. And everyone is trying to bring Bin Laden to justice. And all of the other terrorists. And we look over at Afghanistan with hatred. How could they do that to us? Well, we aren’t exactly innocent ourselves. In the name of Manifest Destiny, and just plain ole greed.. our forefathers killed Native Americans. How many? I think the history books have lost count. And how many other people have we killed in the past? I fully agree that the killings of all of those people in the World Trade Center disaster and the Pentagon.. were wrong. But do we really have room to talk?


  1. Yes. Because we are not responsible for the actions of our ancestors. No man is responsible for what the people before him do. We are only responsible for taking action in the here and now. It makes no sense to be punished for things we have not done.

    Goodness, I would wager that the majority of the American readers here did not even have ancestors in this country at the time of the Manifest Destiny. I know none of my family was here until the early 1900’s. It is a tad ridiculous to expect me, or anyone else, to be responsible for the actions of another person who died centuries before I was born.

    At the same time, the people that died in the WTC attacks are not responsible for the attacks. Bin Ladin attacked this country for many reasons, the bulk of which involved our government. Ultimately, we have no control over what actions our government has taken. This has been proven time and time again. So the people in the buildings were completely innocent. The only crime they committed was the act of being born in a country that someone else did not like.

    Also, there were more then just American’s in those buildings. There were businesses from over 89 different countries in those towers. Other countries lost people who were near and dear to them as well. Are they responsible for the actions of people in the past as well?

    If we want to punish people for their past then there is a long list of countries that need some looking at. Goodness, the English, French and Spanish have killed thousands in their greed. However, I find it silly to believe that they deserve some sort of punishment. None of the people presently living there had anything to do with it.

    Besides, Afghanistan did not do it to us. Afghanistan’s “government” was merely protecting Bin Ladin. They didn’t do anything to us. The people there have even less control over what their government does then we do.

    We are innocent. Is our government? Goodness, no. We were the ones that trained Bin Ladin in the first place. But as a people, we are completely innocent. And unless you are willing to take the weight of your ancestor’s transgressions on your shoulders, you are innocent as well.

  2. I have to agree here, especially with the bit about other countries crimes, im british, back in the days our own ancestors brutally killed thousands of americans, i dont know about history, not my best subject but i agree, the attack against america from the english was about greed too, about conquering everyone in the name of greed and wealth. the governments do need to take a good look at themselves and stop blaming other countries and governments for the hatred and pain. i dont know much about political issues so ill stop, i could see people arguing this topic out for a long time so i will spare u of my meaningless jabber:)

  3. I’m English and proud of everything that makes me who I am. What century are we living in here? I’ve never committed a murder. I have no rage against people of different origin to my own. I have no urge to increase my wealth by pillaging someone else’s country. And I certainly have no urge to blow up a little piece of someone else’s home. So why should I have no room to talk?
    What right do you have to compare me to the kind of monster that would carry out those terrorist attacks? What right do you have to judge me on the past history of mankind?
    Try to see people as people and not as citizens of whatever country they belong to. Stop digging up blame that was long ago buried and pinning on people who have done nothing to deserve it.
    You accuse these people of being narrow minded but what could be more narrow minded than blaming innocents for a crime committed by others many centuries ago?
    Try to think before you write.

  4. Well you people certainly have a point, a strong one that is. but none of you have heard what bin laden had to say, simply because the amercian goeverment chose not to transmit, or transmit with louzy translations! i speak arabic, and after hearing what the man had to say, i find what he did an act of desperation more than an act of terrorism!
    He looked at palestine, and saw families massacared everyday, children being killed, and relatives shattered with blood, and did the amercian goverment have anything to say? noo… it left israel to do whatever it wants, no questions asked. and what could he do?what could anybody do? so he did what he did. i’m not saying it’s right, i’m just saying it’s a reaction to what has been done first! it was not terrorism, it was hitting back. or do u expect the palestenians just to sit there and watch while they are wiped out?

  5. Fette: I value your opinion and understand why you think this way. I believe Kitashla has a very good point. It is like how the government wanted to pay back a whole bunch of blacks in the PRESENT time for how caucasians treated them in the early 1900’s. But present-day blacks do not deserve this, because they are not the ones who were segregated against. You cannot repay the dead, correct? Same thing goes for the natives who once inhabited this land in which we live. Sure, it was shitty of settlers to go around taking what initially was not really theirs, but that is the way of life… Survival of the fittest. And I, personally, will not be held accountable for something my ancestors did. If I did, or if you did, that would be like saying we are related to all the rapists, serial killers, drug dealers, and miserable people of our origin… Would you like that?

    And just for the record. What I am trying to say is, we should all keep this event in the back of our mind, but progress forward and quit living in the past.

    Thank you for the comment, by the way. It provoked a lot of thinking from others and myself. 🙂

  6. Geeeeeeez dude, stop living in the past. I’m sick to death of hearing about the whole terrorist thing. You cares! I certainly don’t! FInd a new topic to moan about for gods sake, or are you to narrow minded for that?


  7. I agree, the government of the U.S.A. Is far from innocent but the people are truely innocent, no one can control what the government does, past historys are not to be blamed on the current people, the biggest issue here is people say it was a unproked terrorists attack…which is just their fancy way of saying we didn’t nothing wrong, in the end the people didn’t and the only thing terrorism is, is war…the terrorists don’t have a big army, they have no way of fighting the United states in a real war, so they fight the only way they can…just think about it, if you believed in your cause so much you were willing to die for it, you’d do it…just so happens the american people were/are the targets because its the easiest weakest place to attack in their next strategic war move…trying to crash a plane into a military base would never ever suceed it would be shot down long before that, as well even if it did succeed the emotional impact and casualitys would not be nearly the amount of attacking civilians who’s only crime is that their government is at war with a tiny small group of fanatics who’ll do anything to win, and can never be defeated…
    Terrorists can never be extermined completely, hopefully they can be crippled enough that it will be much harder for them to ever do anything again, but in the end nothing is certain and finding away to protect against then is 100% impossible, for you kill one and you got 10 more ready to rise up and take his place…unless were prepared to extermine all, or lock up tens of thousands of them…

  8. I think we do, and we don’t. We can mourn the loss of those who died, and the fact that they died can’t be condoned. Not a single loss of life brought on by another person can be. But there’s one thought that seemes applicable. The native americans were killed by a conquering force, while that doesn’t justify their deaths, that is what conquering forces do. Wheather they are lead by Europeans looking to expand their lands, or by terrorists wishing to make a point. As long as even one person kills in the name of a country, no one truly has room to complain about how awful atrocities of the past are.

  9. No one is innocent: we hurt people, people hurt us. We hurt them back…

    It’s all so ***** stupid. If I beleived in anything so ludicris as “justice” or “god” I’d say we all deserve to die.

  10. People have innocence, fool. Hurt is inevitable and no matter how good your intentions you can’t get through life without causing some sort of pain, but innocence comes from having a genuine wish to cause as little pain as is humanly possible. There are people who possess this because I’ve met them.
    Perhaps you don’t have a belief in God, and neither do I. Maybe he exists, maybe he doesn’t. Maybe he’s a guy with a beard, maybe he’s a big ball of light. Maybe our fate is guided by a giant flying goat … I don’t know and to be honest I don’t care.
    Whatever the truth is … NO-ONE deserves to die before their time. Don’t EVER say that, because human life is precious. Too often people forget the good it’s possible for a human to do in their lifetime, and ending lives for whatever reason is NOT okay.

  11. i loved what you had to say however you know thats what im saying thats all fucked people bithcing about other people trying to take are land thats right we the motherfuckers who stole this land and you know what if it gets tooken again oh well we dont own shit shit owns us you know this is no one territory yea we keeping it in good shape cause we have people backing it up but i feel that way to you know its so wrong what happen to people back then yet again im so pissed off about hearing this shit over and over and over and over and seeing this shit everywheres i go i didnt think i would walk into darkness and someone would be blabbering about it stop dwelling over the past lets move on ***** it people die everyday those people died just real quick so what you dont see a whole 7 months about a family memeber dying no thats all publicity forgive me i cant spell people are making money off this shit like its no tomorrow do you think im stupid enough to fall for such a gimmick i think not hey though i understand i feel sorry those people died that quick and that way but thats life and it happen i dont think my dad was all over every news channel when he got hit by a car and i dont see the driver getting thrown in jail and there not all over the news and i never met my father but thats not something to keep repeating well sorry for wasting my time i just wanted to ***** hehe thought it be fun

  12. looking back on it from today, quite frankly i think the only reason we banded together was to put up a front. i’m not an anarchist, and i don’t hate our govt. i don’t have any reason too.

    have you noticed that no one cares about the millions of flags they bought nearly 2 years ago?

    after 9.11 patriotism became a flag. i stood outside and listened to people gather around flagpoles and then complain that they had to do what was patriotic, while those of us who refused to pray with them were criticised.

    if you ask me, someone just got tired of america having it’s head so far up it’s own ass that they decided to give the govt. a wake up call.

    i don’t condone it. innocent people got hurt. but i mean, why is there all this fuss, this war on terrorism, when it isn’t doing anything but wasting taxpayers’ money?

    i know it’s late on posting this, but i just had to get that off my chest.

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