Just an opinion

Sometimes i lose any will i have left to live this life, every step i take, its seems im just waiting for the end, if i keep walking, ill be there soon….

I walk alone in the dark, watch people watch me, they can believe what they like, whether they think im some kind of thug, whatever. judging my looks thinking they know… what people think about me like that, doesnt bother me anymore, you got to be yourself in this fucked up world, you should never have to be told how to live your life, what to wear, what you should like, what is “cool”.
but thats my opinion, ive been knocked down so many times…maybe i deserve it, thats what i keep thinking, “its because its me, thats why…” probably cause the only way i can make sense out of it all. this is not a sympathy vote, i dont want pity. its just i would hate anyone else to think that there on their own….

By Skitzin

Over the last year my life has been full of emotions. I have had some kind of depression, which has made me realise how pathetic this world can really be. I have became an outsider to a crowd of happy people. I now try to get rid of all the anger and such, with the use of lyrics, with the thought that i would get it out of my system.