Just crap

Well I have not much to say. I guess life is going o.k., I mean schools fine my friends haven’t really bugged me as much as usual.Though the reason that I feel much better is because I talked to a friend that I haven’t talked to in months. His name is Ken, one of my closest friends.It just felt so good to talk to someone that really knew me.Not for the platinum blonde exterior,but for the intelligent side of me.Because really my friends down here really just bring out the wrong side of me,and I like to feel intelligent sometimes…cause I am. I spent hours on the phone with him. He even played a song for me on his key board.His mom’s probably going to yell at him about the phone bill,but I don’t think she’ll mind too much. My boyfriend Chris doesn’t like him though. I’m giessing it’s because we’re too close.God sometimes I just can’t stand him he can be very possesive.His brother Josh calls him velcro boy because he’s so attached.I think that i just need to spend the summer in atlanta. I mean Ken’s there,his moms great , and I will be able to loosen up a bit. I really don’t have the time to write any more.And i’m sure you don’t want to read anymore.But I just felt like writing my thoughts. Oh, and thank you for all your comments on my last article.