Just Pretend

Acting like you’re always happy
Pretending to be all sappy
You act like you’re the best
well ha,ha you’re nothing but a pest

You have all the brains
You have all the guys
You have the “cool” clothes
And youre stupid preppy shoes
Walking around like you own the world
Telling everyone
You’re happy as can be
But deep down I know the truth
The world isnt enough for you
When no one gave to give you
The attention you think you need
You acted depressed
And sad with passion
Now that you’ve gotten the attention
You thought you lost
You’ve gone back to your blonde hair
Acting ditzy
And wearing preppy clothes
Changing your nailpolish
From black to pink
You cheat and lie
I know the truth
But you still deny
I guess some people
Will do anything for attention

By SuicidalBlonde

I want to go to sleep and never wake up. I just want to crawl under the blanket and wish the world away