Just Want

I just want to hutr you
And see your face.

This is my love.

Stinging kisses I can soothe with my tongue
And crying I can taste.
Twisting yor arm
And knotting your heart-

This is my game
Just play your part.

Pinching your flesh:
Purple marks on your skin,
Tying you up
Breaking you in.

This is my desire.

I just want you to realise
That I am more than you.
You need to be denied
So that I can teach you.

This is my gift.

And body sweating
I can make you double in pain.
Tortured screams
And torn seams
I can make you insane.

This is my goal.

Just like me
I can make you be:
Shadow your eyes and
Dull your face.
Scars on your mind
And rips in your mentality.

This is my illness.

I just want to hurt you.
It won’t last long.