I would die a million deaths

Just to hear your soft breath

I would walk a thousand miles

Just to see your beautiful smile

I would swallow the deadliest poison

Just to taste your sweet lips

I would pay billions of dollars

Just to be in a room with you

I would swim all the seas

Just to watch you while you sleep

I would crawl across hot coals

Just to see your eyes look my way

I would skydive without a parachute

Just to feel your hand touch mine

I would walk in front of a train

Just to hear you say my name

I would sit in the electric chair

Just to get a chance to smell your hair

I would eat shards of glass

Just to hear your joyful laugh

I would bungee-jump without a cord

Just to spend a nanosecond in your arms

I would leave Heaven forever

Just to spend the night with you

I would sell my soul to the devil

Just to be yours for eternity

By LilDragonfly

I have a tattoo, and if u r a good lil freak, I'll think about letting u find it...