Karma’s Violation

The struggle I’d put up had been nothing compared to the strength of the males that had brought me in. Mirrors covered the ceiling and walls, giving me a perfect view of my prostrated form from every angle. I was no match for the demonic shackles that bound me to the bed. Under me lay silver blankets; there was no escape from the smooth lines of my naked mocha body.
I knew what was going to happen, yet I had never dreamed it possible. Me, Ange de la Mort, the terror of both mortal and immortal alike.
Death, it was nothing. But this? Rape. The very word chilled me to the bone. I could face any torture with defiance written permanently across my face, but rape was not just pain, not just an end, it was a violation of the worst sort.
My hands shook. I disgusted myself, such a gesture of cowardice. The waiting. The dire knowledge of the next play, the silence before the storm.
The door swung open, Jared walked in, body covered in a plain cotton robe. The smug grin that transformed his features when he looked upon my nude form made me feel dirty already. Sweet, hot anger sliced through the fear, making me feel strong even in such a prone position. Seeing my defiance did not anger him as I’d hoped, it only made him widen that self-satisfied smile. His eyes darkened with lust and the thrill of the hunt.
He removed his robe, displaying him ready before me. I looked away disgustedly. I glared, “I have no desire to look upon your pathetic manhood,” I spat the words out at him like a curse. Jared only laughed and came closer, “You won’t have to look at it much longer my whore, but you will however have to feel it.” Oh, how witty. He moved to the bed. My legs were coiled as tight as I could make them, my muscles locked and turned to stone. His strong grip took hold of my ankles, untwisting them first. He began pulling my legs apart. I fought so hard I felt muscle rip and tendons snap. In the end he won, his muscular thighs keeping my legs parted. He laid himself across me, his body like a slab of granite, completely unyielding despite my best efforts. I thrashed with all I had. He only smiled a vulturine grin in challenge, “that’s it baby, fight me,” he growled as he pushed his groin harder against me. He lifted his upper body off me. “Too bad the people you killed didn’t have a chance to fight. Do you think they would have fought as hard as you are for their lives? I bet they would have. You violated the sanctity of their lives, just as I am about to violate the sanctity of your body. You violated my father, now I’m going to violate you. Ain’t karma a bitch?” His hands fondled my bosoms. I screamed in pain when he brutally impaled me. I fought back tears, trying to block out what was happening, but everywhere I looked it was there. Every wall, even the ceiling reflected the image of him violating me. “No,” I kept repeating to myself as if the chant would make him stop. His hand covered my mouth, cutting off my cries.
I couldn’t close my eyes, I could only stare at the image above me. A poor girl being raped by some brute, the girl looked back at me hoping for salvation. It was a nightmare I couldn’t escape. I concentrated on the eyes of the girl, the blackness of the pupil.
This was me, that was what I was, I was the darkness. I was the shadows, the night, the Angel of Death. And with that I became the shadows, I let them envelop and embrace me in their loving arms. So soon I gazed at a man atop a black hole that seemed to suck the light from the room.
Jared looked down at me, eyes full of rage. His hands moved from my mouth, groping the darkness that was me in search of my vulnerable neck. With my mouth free I opened it wide and out came shadows. They filled the room and seemed to seep through the walls, searching for something. The room was in absolute darkness, a cloak so black only my eyes could pierce.
I looked back up at where the poor violated girl had once been to see Victor, eyes burning with golden fire, pale skin glowing like the moon. His was the image of a beautiful, yet frightening god. “Help me,” I spoke in quick dark tongue.
“I cannot, I myself am in a bind.” He glared down at Jared, “but not as dire as yours. I lend you my power for this.”
Those burning gold eyes came away from him and to me. They were soon upon me, and for a moment all I could see was gold. I felt power bore through me and sink deep into the blackness of my soul. I felt nothing but hatred course through my veins, an unimaginable cruelty sink in. I didn’t just want to kill Jared, I wanted to torture him, I wanted to hear him scream and wallow in his cries. Ideas came into my mind that would make a Heaven of Hell. Was this how Victor thought? Was this frightening power his? I had no idea how much I had underestimated him.
Jared looked down into my eyes and jumped off me and away. I could hear his heart beating like a caged thing. All the darkness in the room I brought into me, leaving the room bright. I looked at the walls and discovered what caused him such shameful terror, my eyes were Victor’s slit pupil eyes that blazed gold, my skin was utter darkness, glowing black with hate. I pulled the chains and they fell away like paper. Jared screamed to the outside. The desperation of his cry made my cruelty twisted mind smile, baring my fangs glistening white at full length. More vampires filled the room, gasping at the sight before them.
I wanted to hurt them. Screams of agony came from all around. What had happened? I was baffles at the sight of the men all on their knees, bloody tears streaming from their eyes, faces contorted in unspeakable pain. It took a moment for me to realize that I had done it. Victor had done the same with pleasure once to me, now I was doing it with pain. The Prince of Pain and Pleasure. Now I understood. That was what they had meant when they said, “you can’t defeat Victor, you can only contain him.” I focused all my energy on their pain, so much so that I didn’t notice when others who hadn’t been effected came p behind my and attached shackles to my wrists. I was pulled back onto the bed. I tried making them hurt but it didn’t work, I couldn’t break the shackles either. They were silver with demon runes engraved into them. My captors wore outfits to match, with the runes in demon blood. They pried open my mouth and poured a bitter tasting potion down my throat. Pain shot through me, I felt as is I were being ripped in two. My scream filled the room in deafening volume. Then everything went black.
Awakening revealed an unpleasant surprise. I was naked still and once more shackled to the bed, but this time in Victor proof chains. A lot of pissed off men stood around me. Victor’s power had been vanquished from my body, but it was more than that, I was light headed. I’d been bled. That strange coldness in my veins crept up again. Things were not good.
I soon gauged that they were naked. The true magnitude of the situation finally hit me. It wasn’t just a singular act of rape any longer, they were going to turn this into a gangbang. I tried to bring my legs to me, tried locking them, and found that I could scarcely move them. I glared, bringing smug smiles all around.
Hours upon hours passed, that poor little girl was in the mirror again. I watched her cry as they raped her, her tears tinged with blood. I watched her self-loathing as her treacherous body responded to their violent coupling. Oh that poor little girl, violated by so many. What pain in her eyes. So many had taken her, I’d lost count. Whenever I though it was over more would come. Others would come back for more. Now Jared was taking me for the third time. The violation of four more girls was reflected on the walls. That made six of us. All one and the same.

By EternalWanderer

The black of my soul matches with the velvet darkness, the beauty in my words reflects the midnight sun. Trapped in a prison of flesh I am but one day I'll escape, when the world ends, then finally I will get my rest, finally to sleep. But for now I am weary, and I must share my pain. Such pain, but how golden and beautiful that pain is.