First off, this isn’t the original Jason statue we’re going to be talking about. The one installed in an artificial lake in Crosby, Minnesota, where it remains submerged and waiting to surprise unwary divers. This is the follow-up statue, the tribute statue, the one lurking at the bottom of Lake Pleasant in Arizona. Because the lake in Arizona is a natural one, it falls under the purview of officials with the Lake Pleasant Regional Park service, who have deemed the statue to be “litter” and are planning to remove it, if they haven’t already. There is a petition you can sign to help save the statue. Click here to do your part.

This isn’t just a case of some government types being sticks-in-the-mud. Officials at the lake are concerned about the environmental impact, which is a valid issue. But the scuba-diving artist who placed the statue in the lake, Zachary Nagy, maintains that it is constructed of all-natural materials and is actually beneficial to the fish in the lake. Another concern is that, if the Jason statue were left, it would open the door for other people to install all manner of things at the bottom of the lake. There is already a car down there, and an arrangement of skeletons sitting around a poker table, and several Christmas trees. Having the lake bed turn into a sort of jokesters’ dumping ground is also a legitimate concern. I say, make sure the statue poses no threat to the environment, remove all the other junk (except maybe the card-playing skeletons), and leave Jason as the notable exception to the otherwise-enforced “no litter” rule. Jason is, after all, a special case.