kill or be killed

All my life it always kill or be killed but the true is that if you do kill then you are still in the same place but a diffrent person and for those pf you who want to be a diffrent person then be my guest and shot awaybut stop and think from time to time and wonder why you do this. The only reason I found is that people are tought to think kill or be killed but tell me is this killing all it is worth when that person’s life is haneded to you on a sivler plater and you toss it away just because that you think that they are inferior to you. Well I think like this so if any cop or some other fucked up retard tries to get in my way then they will not be a person or even a corpes left to find the person will be blowen away so fast that their life would’ent even have time to get to where they are now but the good news is that I’ll have a smile on my face and so will I die with a smile on my face becase the people’s deaths bring me comfert and joy fuck YES!!!! so go out and kill or be killed (by me)

By gone

hi I;m a blond ready to kill person and two friend who I can almost relie on but am still thier friend