Killer Lover

Tear stained eyes
You said you’d always care
A love full of lies
You said this life we had to share

I watched you walk away
Exiting mine to enter another’s life
Pulling the words out that we’ll never say
I’m left here with this knife

{Watching you fall…
Feeling the steel enter inside…
We could’ve had it all
This is for all the times I cried}

Following you into depression
Raging for a chance to make us right
Loving you is my new obsession
Who cares we had our last fight?

You said before you’d love me till the day you died
Well now you say you don’t know me anymore
I guess you must have lied
Leaving me with this anguish to explore.

{Blood on the wall…
Cutting deeper inside…
Yeah we could’ve had it all
This is for the all times you cried}

Secret thoughts of lost memories
Torture me through the night
Our past is what my entire mind ever sees
Guiding me far from the light…

{Insanity on the walls
Tears on cheek
Knife slips and falls
Love was all I knew to seek….}

Crazed with burning an old flame’s desires
My hatred rises in my chest
Did I ever tell you I hated liars?
I’m about to put your soul to rest.

{Still watching you fall…
Penetrating the steel further inside…
We already had it all
This is for all the times I cried}

By Frozen Ashes

My name is Ashes, I love poetry, and muisic. I'm bisexual and wiccan and a bit anti-social.. okay I lied.. very antisocial, though I do enjoy meeting new people. *bites your neck* okay, yeah.. I'm gonna go die now.