Killing in the Alleyway

A small yawn escaped those shiny, red lips framed by a narrow, pale face. Long lady like fingers brushed a stray hair away from such a face. She was young and beautiful. Her long ebony hair flowed around her body encased in dark black jeans and a small, black tank top exposing her midriff.

A long trench coat reached down to her feet billowing in the wind. Dark black-purple eyes searched the alley for a midnight snack. Fingers with nails painted black lifted a cigarette to her mouth and she breathed deeply of it. Blowing smoke out through her nose she grinned and small white fangs showed through her smile. Walking down the alley, her boots clicked along the paved stone as she approached her victim. The man, who appeared to be the bouncer to club whose wall she was leaning against, looked over to her as she approached. He grinned to her and introduced himself as, Jason. I in turn introduced myself as Snare, the last thing his living eyes will ever see. I confess I do believe that my little intro might have scared him but whose counting? As his eyes slightly grew round I gave him a venomous smile and quick as lightning grabbed the back of his neck, sinking my teeth in quenching the unbearable hunger. Leaving the pale, lifeless body there to be discovered come morning, she licked the few drops of blood from her lips and disappeared in to the steam and exhaust of the sewer grates. Upon arriving at the loft I slipped quietly out on to the patio and lit a cigarette smiling and thought of the body laying in the alleyway.

By Fallenangelfire

My name is Charity Linda Hollis. I'm almost sixteen and a sophomore in high school. I live in south cali, to me known as hell. I like to bite...ask anyone of my victiams.....