King Kong Fans Pissed at Wingard

Apparently there are fans who have gleaned new knowledge by watching GODZILLA VS. KONG on DVD and listening to the Director’s commentary. Personally I found this information rather evident from having just watched the movie, sans commentary, but that’s just me. It seems, according to director Adam Wingard, the fight between Kong and Godzilla was never really that close. Godzilla was more toying with Kong, up until Kong hit him in the face with the axe. That’s when Godzilla got pissed off and opened up a can for real. Again, I sorta got that from the movie even during my first viewing. Hearing Wingard say it outright, though, has angered some fans who thought King Kong should have won.

Y’all, I love Kong. But he was outmatched from the beginning against Godzilla. Think of it like this: you have two prizefighters. Both have some serious knockout power. In terms of the PSI of their punches, they’re about even. Okay? You with me? Now give one of those prizefighters a flamethrower. You see what I mean? Unless the one guy can get in close, really close, so much so that the other cannot employ the flamethrower, the one with the weapon is packing a serious advantage. Wingard said as much. This shouldn’t be interpreted as a slight against Kong, though. If anything, Kong earns even more respect by fighting so hard against such an insurmountable disadvantage.

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